NEW ITME 신규 제품입니다.

Balcony basket wire big
Candle holder clear
Candle holder smoke transparent small
Candle holder smoke transparent Large
Table w/edge on the table top
Bar table w/wheels Brooklyn
Cabinet w/8 drawers Brooklyn(가격문의)
Floor runner off white w/blue printing
Colander enamel
Breadbin Kitchen Style grey
Bottle w/spout medium handblown glass
Glass jar round wavy
Tray oval small zinc
Hook double ant. silver 재입고
Doormat rubber filigran
Archives stander 2-layers
Candle holder pattern bottom, large
Candle holder pattern bottom, small
Drawer ,Pure White
Shelf f/6 glass drawers
Heart wire hanging can be opened
Wine glass w/leave edge
Clothes rack metal
Wall mirror w/mini shelf
Holder w/3 basket Brooklyn
Bell large grooved
Metal table 재입고
Decanter 850 ml
Magnet Only you can make it happen
Platerack for table
Plate holder w/6 hooks
Lantern twelve cornered
Lantern small octagonal
Short dinner candle
Candle holder f/ normal candle
Basket f/napkins
Napkin Christmas
Napkin holder oblong fil de fer
Napkin holder Factory Style
Napkin Indian Flower dusty blue
Tealight holder w/handle 1 side with star
Candle ring
Cone hanging large
Cone hanging small
Christmas tree plain small
Christmas tree plain large
Christmas tree for hanging
Star for hanging
Angel Luna wire heart
Angel Luna wire wing pattern
Drawer, French Grey 재입고
Notebook A5, Kelim Cinnamon,15 x 21cm
Xmas Box Pine Drop ass 4 pcs Candy
Paper Star Small Sunshine gold,star&dot&line, 3pcs
Greeting card Zen Fern
Flower tabels, metal w mirror top,set of 2, honey
3-leg recycled alu table,dia 65xH45 cm,honey gold
Throw/curtain/tablecloth, 160x260 cm, linen,camel
Throw/curtain/tablecloth,pin,140x260 cm,linen,navy
Leather strap, natural
Plisse glass for candle, mat white
Plisse glass for candle, mat grey
Ceramic vase, small, dia. 12xH17 cm, black
Paper Evergreen tree Mandarin red
Xmas Box Pine cone ass 4 pcs Blush
Glass Icicle Sphere Rose H 23,5cm
Xmas Box Pine cone ass 4 pcs Walnut
Xmas- Caramel Candy
Paper Drop Mandarin red S 2 pcs
Glass Icicle Top Ant. Gold H 22cm
Beaded Merry Christmas sign Silver
Garland Star Silver 2mtr
Golden Wreath Leaf
Golden Bell Ravi 3pcs
Garland Star small Gold 2mtr
Beaded Heart Silver
Paper deco Jaipur Ornaments set/2 pcs
Paper deco Aladin castles 2set (3type)
Table cloth, eyelet, 100% cotton
Paper napkins, mini, w. pin stripe, port (50 pcs)
X-mas ball i iron w. glitter, dia 8 cm, silver
X-mas star in iron w. glitter, 20 cm, silver
X-mas star in iron w. glitter, 15 cm, silver
Carpet, 80 x 120 cm, striped, thunder
Mirror, small, oxidized brass, A shapes, 15x15
Mirror, small, oxidized brass, B shape, 15x15
Mirror, small, oxidized brass, C shape, 15x15
Mirror, small, oxidized brass, D shape, 15x15
Mirror, small, brass, B type, 15x15 재입고
Mirror, small, brass, C type, 15x15 재입고
Mirror, small, brass, D type, 15x15 재입고
Candle holder, ribbed, handcut glass, 7 cm
Shelf, factory style 재입고
Candleholder f/4 candles
Candle holder, large, hand made, silver
4-sided glass lantern S 재입고
Pharmacyglass ,short candle 재입고
Facet glass for candle, metallic look,phantom
Glass for tealight metal cover
Candle holder flower pattern (zinc)
Tealight holder 3 ass
Candleholder flower golden
Candle holder w/stars enam
Tealight holder Nisha
twisted glass for candle, tea
Candletray w/edge plain
Candle holder Klosters
Facet glass for candle, large, H 14, aqua

BEST ITME 고객님들께 가장 사랑받은 제품입니다.

tray, handpainted, black 재입고
Mirror, large, oxidized brass, D type, 30x30
Mirror, large, oxidized brass, B type, 30x30
Mirror, large, oxidized brass, C type, 30x30
Mirror, large, oxidized brass,A type,30x30
Paperclip grey magnet
Simple glass frame, horizontal, 13x18 cm, tin
Mirror w. holder for candle, oxidized brass
BABY LEAF / Charcoal (40% sale)
tall 4-sided glass lantern, mini 재입고
Napkin, 100% linen gauze, 45x45, fig
twisted glass for candle phantom재입고
Table spoon, L 20 cm, matte
Napkin, 45x45 cm, striped, rose
Greeting Card, Mix Nude
Simple glass frame, horizontal, 18x24 cm, tin
Simple glass frame, 13x18 cm 재입고
Simple glass frame, 18x24 cm 재입고
Tray basket, nature 재입고
Throw in cotton jacquard, 140x200 cm, lilac/ecru
Cabinet in metal, doors and 2 drawer 가격문의
Make-up purse,w.print,cot canvas,ecru
Napkin, 45x45 cm, 100% cotton, azul
Napkin, 45x45 cm, 100% cotton, curry
Napkin 45x45, Bindu Mint (40% sale)
napkin,linnen (50% sale)
Linen napkin beige
Tea towel Mynte Latte stripe
Mousepad in leather, brown
Tea towel black ,3type (50% sale)
Mirror Simple
Tea towel w/grey pattern
Linen napkin pink
teatowel, honeycombed, almond (50% sale)
teatowel, white with almond striped (50% sale)
Towel, INKA, black/white
Tea towel, New Stripes,50x70
kitchen towel,waffeled (50% sale)
Mirror, small, brass, B type, 15x15 재입고
Cushion cover, woven stripe, cotton, rose, 50 (30% sale)
Picture in wooden frame,butterfly
rug block grey/black 두가지 사이즈 입고
Paper napkins w. zig-zag print, violet (50 pcs)
Rug unique jute/cotton
Pavot candle 75g
Dessert fork , L 19 cm, matte
Linen napkin dusty blue
Fork , L 20,5 cm, matte
Pack 3 travel candles orange blossom
Deli Oval Dish 재입고
Deli Plate 21cm 재입고
XPaper napkins w. tree print, fig (50 pcs)
Deli Plate15 재입고
iboganda soap
Deli Plate 30 재입고
Tray in aluminium,antique black
Orange blossom travel candle
Deli Square Dish 재입고
Ceramic Jug, Deli 재입고
Deli Rectangular Dish, ceramic,large
Deli Ceramic Pasta Bowl 재입고
Handpainted bowl w.stripe 15,black
handpainted ceramic bowl, 17, black 재입고
Cushion cover, art block print,grey
Rug w/brown printing
Hanger in Rattan
Mirror w. holder for candle
Orange blossom candle 180g
Lamp shade, D22xH16 cm, linen, kit
headboard for wall W90 x H130 cm
Metal Cabinet w. shelves and glass doors, black 가격문의

국민은행 : 515501-01-185548, 예금주 : 하우스라벨